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  • January 2016
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How to buy on MathsCodes

Buying on MathsCodes is easy and this can be done by following this three steps:

  • Check the product page and locate the item you want to purchase
  • Then, proceed with the payment of the item using the availabe payment method on MathsCodes
  • Send us an e-mail using either the contact us page or your personal e-mail. The content of your email must inlude the item you paid for and a valid email address that your item will be sent to.
  • The paid item will be sent accordly

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Please note that the premium pack includes the simulation code and the performance analysis while the sim code option is just the Monte Carlo simulation code without the performance analysis and the analysis with code option has the theoritical analysis together with the Matlab code

MathsCodes is a great new opportunity for your work. We can handle your custormer services and help sell your great APP/DSP source codes.

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