Underground battery Charger

In South Africa, an IGBT based traction battery chargers has been launched, desgined to charge the underground traction batteries in shortest possible time and at the lowest possible temperature at the mines. This is to ensure optimum battery performance. The most common causes of battery failure is imbalance voltage ranging from incorrect charging techniques. Beck Mining South Africa launched new IGBT based mine traction battery charger which utilise insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology for quick on and off switching which are more efficient and cost effective than the conventional transductor controlled, oil-cooled traction battery chargers.

The IGBT chargers is not only light in weight but also air cooled and controlled by intelligent microprocessor circuit that acts as the main control computer responsible for the logging, controls and charge functions.

The unit utilize delta volt/ delta time technique which prevents over-charging that is one of the major problem with conventional battery chargers. This is done by reducing the current once DV/DT is reached, batteries are charged at a significant lower temperature.

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