Schneider Electric Introduced New Colocation Management System

We all agree that colocation is one of the best way to achieve high efficiency in terms of availability, reached customers, increased capacity and cost. Allowing proper balance between companies in throughput and high efficiency throughout the data centre life circle. Schneider Electric, one of the leading firming in data and power has just introduced StruxureWare Data Centre Operation v7.4 which provides a very high capacity. As part of the company (Schneider Electric) data infrastructure management solution StruxureWare Data Centre Operation v7.4 will optimise colocation management with power monitoring and network management helping to free up power capacity which in-turn allow reduction in capital and operation expenses.

A software solution architect (Mate Mudzimu) says “there is a great demand for accurate monitoring and measurement of colocation environments as well as need to reduce the stranded capacity”

To optimise colocation management, power redundancy should be considered at the rack level. This allows facility manager to simulate the impact of a failure and accurately display the failover load for each receptacle.

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